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About Vivido Premium 
Ginseng is proven to increase one’s body energy, mental focus and body immune system. However, some people do not experience the full benefits of ginseng because of poor digestive system due to old age, sickness, stress, unbalanced diet and lifestyle.

Based on scientific research and studies, we cannot directly absorb natural ginsenosides (人参皂甙) found in ginseng. They must be metabolized (digested) for absorption. Hence, the pharmacological effects of ginseng will depend on how effectively a person can metabolize (digest) and absorb digested form of ginsenosides. Quite often, people with a poor digestive system are unable to digest and absorb ginsenosides effectively.

Consumer’s Misconceptions About Ginseng’s Effectiveness
Due to a lack of consumer education on ginseng, many are not aware that the effectiveness of ginseng does not depend on the country of origin (America, China, Canada or Korea), age, grade and type (wine, paste, essence, slices) of ginseng. The key to ginseng’s effectiveness is about how effectively a person can metabolize (digest) and absorb ginsenosides.

We Cannot Directly Absorb Natural Ginsenosides
There are strong scientific studies and evidence showing that a person cannot directly absorb natural ginsenosides. They must be metabolized for body absorption.

Natural ginsenosides are active chemical compounds in ginseng. To date, there are more than 30 different kinds of natural ginsenosides discovered of which Ginsenoside Rb1 is the most abundant. In general, a ginseng contains the following:

3%-6% Natural Ginsenosides (>30 types, Rb1 most abundant)
60-70% carbohydrates
9-15% nitrogen compounds
20% fat-soluble compounds
0.05% vitamins
4% inorganic matters

The Role Of Intestinal Bacteria
After ginseng is consumed, natural ginsenosides pass through the stomach and small intestines undigested. When they enter the large intestines, the beneficial bacteria play a very important role of metabolizing natural ginsenosides into highly absorbable ginsenosides such as Compound K, Rh1 & Rh2. Scientific studies have shown that the human body can better absorb the highly absorbable ginsenosides Compound K, Rh1 & Rh2 and not the natural ginsenosides.

Due to old age, sickness, unbalanced diet, stress and lifestyles, some people may lack of large intestinal bacteria to metabolize ginsenosides.

The Importance Of Highly Absorbable Ginsenoside Compound K, Rh1 & Rh2, Rg2 & Rg3.
It is strongly recommended that we only consume the highly absorbable ginsenosides for good health. In recent years, many scientific findings have revealed the potential pharmacological effects of highly absorbable ginsenoside Compound K, Rh1 & Rh2, Rg2 & Rg3 as being anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic.
(Source: www.pubmed.com – US National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health)

VIVIDO PREMIUM – patented to contain highly absorbable ginsenoside Compound K, Rh1, Rh2, Rg2 and Rg3
After many years of scientific research and product development in Korea, we have patented a natural process to extract and produce the highly absorbable ginsenosides – Compound K, Rh1 & Rh2 , Rg2 &Rg3 from Panax ginseng root extract. Vivido is the only activated ginseng concentrate containing these highly absorbable ginsenosides. It is highly recommended for those with a weak digestion system due to old age, sickness, stress, and unbalanced diet.

VIVIDO PREMIUM – does not cause “body-heatiness”

Some people are afraid of taking Korean ginseng regularly because it may cause “body-heatiness”. This is because a natural ginseng contains diol-type ginsenosides and triol-type ginsenosides. The diol-type ginsenosides are believed to give the “cooling effect” while the triol-type ginsenosides cause the “heaty effect”.

Using a Standardization process, we balance the amount of diol and triol-type ginsenosides along with other esssential ginseng nutrients in each capsule. As a result, Vivido Premium will not cause any “body heatiness”.

Key Health Benefits

Increases body energy, physical endurance and body resistance to fight tiredness and stress

Increases mental concentration, power and alertness

Boosts body immunity to fight sickness and for fast recovery from sickness